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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  August 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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the search continues for 10-year-old jesse wilson who has been missing for almost a month. what new information police are telling us today. the monsoon storms keep rolling new video of flooded grounds in mesa. a sheriff's deputy who plowed through a flooded wash. in an armed burglary in phoenix turns deadly. what two roommates tried to do as they heard someone pounding on their door. good afternoon. first on fox, new developments in the disappearance of
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mcso and the f.b.i. in the search for the missing child. steve krafft live in buckeye. how is the search going, steve? >> reporter: i guess you can say the new development, as you saidfully, is a search. it has been going on all morning. it looks like it is continuing right now. look live. everyone looking at jesse wilson, four feet tall, 60 pounds, 10 years old missing for about a month. sheriffs, buckeye police. let's go up top to sky fox. we had the different police agencies here and horse trailers as well, all-er terrain vehicles and trucks of all kinds. police are telling us this is a recovery sort of search, rather than a rescue sort of search. they have searched this area before but they have not disclosed the information as to why they are here at i-10 and
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they are also searching a couple milesfrom here. meanwhile, the buckeye's police chief spoke to us this morning and here is some of what he had to say. >> the scenario that we're looking at right now is a recovery operation and that is why they are out there and that is why we don't have the community assisting us today. the realistic part of this is it has been a long time. as a law enforcement organization, we have to look at every scenario that is out there. >> reporter: so where different from previous searches, no community member, no volunteers are involved. these are professionals from various law enforcement agencies, federal, county, local, they are all working together here. they are hoping to recover this 10-year-old missing boy. we'll continue to update you as to how this search works out as the day rolls on. reporting live from buckeye, steve krafft, fox 10 news.
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here are live pictures from our adot camera. you can see the mountains there in the background and, of course, throughout the morning we've seen a lot of clouds as well. >> this is beautiful. look at that, a beautiful blue sky and some of the clouds. this is from the south mountain tower cam. it is cloudy but a lot of the humidity out there. we is all all morning, all of a sudden nothing, then boom storms. >> here is a better look at the rainstorm coming dow gilbert. from 9:00 this morning, gilbert and mesa seeing the worst of things so far. >> in mesa near mckellips and mesa drive going through street flooding. good thing he has clearance on his s.u.v. if you were in a smaller car, you would have the water coming up in your engine compartment. >> things looked worse near one r.v. community in mesa.
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roofs and flooding the ground nearby. >> big flooding. there is a sports complex where you play tennis or pickle ball. kristy siefkin live in the east valley. can we play pickle ball today, kristy? >> reporter: troy, i don't think you will be playing any sport any time soon. these courts, tennis, bo chicago -- bocce ball, residents say year after year the water filling up 8 feet tall over these courts. usually, rain boots do it for me but we'll have to switch to waders. heavy rain this morning from 3:30 in the morning until 9:30. while, there is no rain gage in the area, i can tell you a few blocks away at falcon field, we saw .8 of an inch of rain fall during the overnight hours.
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rain. obviously, a lot of rain falling here as well. from speaking to residents, it does a lot of damage to the courts. it takes several weeks for the water to make its way out of the courts to dry out. you can see the water not looking too great here, a little bit brown. looking like rio. i'm not going to get too deep into the water here. hopefully, there will be relief for folks at the park. there was flooding at the entrance that kept people from coming in earlier. the in through the water. >> a big cleanup. when you have standing water on those courts like that, i will tell you. a lot of times you get the retention areas in parks but was this designed as a retention area or did it just flood over, do you know? >> reporter: that is an interesting question. i think it might have been designed since it fills up every year or it could be poor design.
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apparently, in their kayaks and boats. we haven't seen this morning but a couple residents said to me they take advantage of the water coming in here. the monsoon comes in, the tennis courts fill up and they hit the water trying to escape the heat. pinal county sheriff's deputy driving around the barricade and there he goes across the flooded area. get this, that deputy was ticketed for you're not allowed to drive through flooded areas that are cordoned off or barricaded off, even if you are a police officer or sheriff's deputy. they want everyone to know how serious they take the measures so the unnamed deputy got a ticket. a well-known violation. we'll be covering the weather for you throughout the day. a widow of a 7-eleven clerk is grieving.
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to catch the killer. they added to the reward offered by silent witness. it is up to $11,000. these are the only pictures police have of the suspect. i know they are not very good. you can't tell who this person is. they are completely covered and they have a bandanna over their face. the clerk was killed in overnight hours. this happened at the 7-eleven at 16th street and the gunman robbed the clerks at gunpoint and the clerk was shot during a struggle over the gun. his family says he was a great man and role model for the family. >> they were in the united states from india only four months. he was just beginning his life and his life got taken away.
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>> detectives need your help. they are asking the public for your help. if you know anything about this crime, call silent witness, 480-witness. a murder investigation under way in phoenix. they responded to a burglar at 20th street and oz bohn. -- osborn. his roommate said call 911 because someone was knocking at the door and looking for whoever pulled the trigger. >> the wild climber at trump tower is expected to be charged. a on ton of macy's stores ae closing. arizona stores, are they going to be affected? >> reporter: we have rain out there on the march across the center part of the state. we'll see how longer it will last.
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searchers are trying to this is a big scene as searchers try to find seven people who are unaccounted for after a big explosion at an apartment complex the fire chief says when crews arrived, people were dropping children out of windows and jumping themselves that is how intense the fire was. 28 apartments affected by the blast. 30 residents displaced. charges are expected against the man who scaled 21 stories up trump tower. he is 20 years old. his name is steve row gate --
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undergoing a mental evaluation. three hours into his stunt, police pulled him off of the building. the white house isn't commenting on trump's accusations that he sent out yesterday that president obama founded isis. trump told a rally yesterday that barak obama is the founder of isis and in the past, and hillary clinton of australia's opera house is getting a makeover for the first time in 43 years. it will be upgraded to a tune of $43 million. it includes improving the acoustics at the concert hall. they will turn empty offices into a family-friendly creative learning center. renovations will begin next year and wrap up in 2020.
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department stores. macy's is closing 100 stores. we don't know if the ones here will be affected, adding to the 40 they closed a few months ago. like many large department stores that did well over the last 100 years ago, they are struggling to get people inside their brick and mortar stores. coming up, big-name celebrities set to remake of the "ocean 11's" franchise. that is not a classic but a great flick. plus, a wind-fueled wildfire burning east of l.a. raging on. how many thousands of firefighters are battling the blaze. >> reporter: we have showers and thunderstorms popping in the high country and over many parts of the country. who is getting wet and what the weekend is holding for you as
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welcome back. despite a major effort by 2,000 firefighters, a southern california wildfire is continuing to threaten thousands of homes. the fire has burned 8,000 acres east of l.a. major progress was made yesterday against the wildfire burning about 12 square miles there in the san bernardino mountains. the fire remains a threat to some 5,300 hopes in -- homes in the area. we had storms storms this m, cory. >> reporter: we did. it was exciting times for everybody. it is still raining out there. >> west side, i'm getting complaints. >> a revolt. >> reporter: those people seem
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>> irritable if they don't get the storms they are looking for. >> reporter: cry babies. >> that is cory that said that. >> doesn't andrea live out there? >> reporter: troy baited me. there is still a chance, you west siders. these are the day, i love it when the sun is bright here in town. we see the clouds off in the distan we're going to see fewer and fewer clouds over the next few days as things start to dry out for us. 87, boy that is nice. that is a nice new number. 87 at sky harbor now and we're not going to get warmer than that. we do, as i say, have showers on the march. if you consider the west side to be ajo or gila bend, we've got
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like far southwest valley like south buckeye, we have rain that way. here in the metro area, there is not much going on. we have to travel to find the rain and here it is. between ajo and gila bend, we have a couple of storms popping. they are generally getting themselves going. they haven't started any forward motion yet. this is a vigorous storm even though it is an unpopulated area. we have to prescott way. prescott valley has seen showers and south of sleighman and i-40, have a good thunderstorms going. this is where christopher creek lies. you get above the rim and the mogollon plateau, we have a few showers there. flagstaff has not seen a lot of rain but north of there, it is a vigorous storm.
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continuing the eastward motion. heads up as you move into central parts of navajo county. farther to the east, we have a good storm going and that is the way the day is moving. rainfall totals here in the metro area, mesa, 2.3 inches of rain. i don't know who has been complaining on the west side. it is not the folks in verrado because they have seen enough. verrado in the last 24 hours has the north side of that berg. 1.8 at the recording station. queen creek, 1.6 inches of rainfall. downtown near the fox 10 studio, .2 about the best we could do. what does the rest of the week hold? we only got another day left tomorrow. i think we'll finally break back into sunshine but the drier
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rest. in fact, kind of a big rest. i don't know what it is doing but i don't see much of it for the whole weekend and into the next part of week also. >> low 100's and dry that is good stuff. >> reporter: that is really good. >> drive a nice convertible. down a highway. >> did you have the convertible out today? >> reporter: no, i'm learning a hard lesson about how humid it is and it is not a great 5:00 p.m. at 103. >> at 3:00 a.m., you're loving it. after the break, rihanna, cate blanchett, sandra bullock are rumored to be in a new
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the hit 'ocean's' franchise is next in line for the hit 'ocean's' welcome back. the hit ocean's franchise is next in line for a gender flipped reboot.
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rihanna, sandra bullock, and cate blanchett are set to be in "ocean's 8" but a release date is not set. >> that can be interesting. we have the all-females "ghostbusters." one of the stars of criminal minds has been suspended after he kicked a writer, which is frowned upon. >> yeah, i think so. >> he was directing and acting when he got into a creative dispute and exploded with anger and kicked the writer. cbs suspended him. justin bieber has a new girlfriend and there are two reasons why this story is make headlines. first, it is because the girl the lionel richie's youngest daughter. the second part is she is only 17 while bieber is 22. they were spotted on vacation together.
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17-year-old? >> i wonder if if he has a signed notary. the new pair is turning heads for sure. coming up, another look at your forecast and what your weekend looks like for you as well. >> can you guess which one this is? we have more pictures captured
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>> reporter: all right, weather friends, we take a tour of the state and it won't take you long to find out where the rain is. it is not in the west valley at the moment.
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verrado yesterday picked up 2.3 inches of rain. now, a lot of folks don't consider verrado to be the west valley. >> what is it? >> it should be. >> that is pretty far west. >> reporter: it is against the white tanks. >> they will be annexed soon. >> reporter: they are part of buckeye, actually. >> i love verrado. they have a beautiful golf course. this is mars captured by the university of arizona's cameras. nasa gets images every two years and that is pretty cool. $40 million for that camera.
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what's up, y'all? welcome to "dish nation." today's a special guy's birthday and we wanted to special lady to tell you. mama dee take it away. >> yes. ? happy birthday to you happy birthday to ya ? happy birthd >> gary? ? happy birthday, happy birthday to -- you ? >> what's up? >> happy birthday, y'all! time to start the show. let go. >> whey. >> holler! captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company welcome positive "dish nation" two claps and a yeah! mama dee in the building. had so much fun had to bring you back. >> thank you so much for having me n. has order. >> indeed.


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